Fishbowl DayZ

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1. Any racist, sexist, or homophobic behavior will not be tolerated.
2. Do not spam chat.
3. Do not advertise in chat.
4. Do not post links in chat.
5. Do not use voice in Global chat.
6. Explicit language in chat is allowed.
7. Trash talking is allowed, but do not be excessive with the banter. Harassment will not be tolerated.
8. The use of alternate accounts are not allowed.
9. Do not combat log.
10. Do not relog to take advantage of map rendering.
11. Do not use Nvidia's Game Filters to gain an in-game advantage.
12. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
13. Please report any bugs or glitches to Staff via Discord. If valid, you will be rewarded.
14. Hacking of any kind will not be tolerated. The hacker and any associated players will be dealt the same punishment.
15. Do not accuse another player of cheating or violating rules in chat. If you suspect someone is cheating or violating rules, please contact a Staff member via Discord or submit a ticket if a Staff member is unavailable. If valid, you will be rewarded. All accusations must be backed with raw, unedited proof. If an accusation is lacking proof, it is at the Staff's discretion on whether or not the accusation will be deemed credible.
16. Compensation for lost items or vehicles will only be given in cases where the loss was caused by server performance issues or crashing. All cases must be backed with raw, unedited proof. Vehicles are known to be buggy, so use them at your own risk.
17. All decisions made by Staff are final. If you feel a decision was unfair, please submit an appeal via Discord.
18. Respect all Staff members and fellow players.
19. Have fun!

Safe Zone

1. The only Safe Zone is the Pilana Trade Camp. The size of the zone is 250 meters. Trader Camps without a Safe Zone may be treated like any other part of the map.
2. Double the distance of each Safe Zone is considered to be a Non-PvP Zone, meaning avoid engaging in combat while inside this radius.
3. Do not engage enemy players entering or exiting a Safe Zone.
4. Do not retreat to a Safe Zone to avoid combat.
5. Do not follow enemy players exiting a Safe Zone. Though, you may watch the direction they travel from inside the Safe Zone.
6. Stealing inside a Safe Zone is prohibited.
7. Leaving an unattended vehicle in a Safe Zone risks that vehicle being removed from the database.
8. Do not get into an enemy player's vehicle while inside a Safe Zone.
9. Do not commandeer or sell an enemy player's vehicle while inside a Safe Zone.
10. The previous two rules do not apply to vehicles left in a Safe Zone during a server restart.
11. The owner of a vehicle is considered to be the player that brought said vehicle into the Safe Zone. If your vehicle was stolen, you are not permitted to take ownership of or lock the vehicle while inside a Safe Zone.
12. Ramming other vehicles and players while inside a Safe Zone is prohibited.


1. Territory Flag Kits are required to build a base.
2. Each player or group is allowed only one territory. A second territory is allowed only when changing base locations. This must be done swiftly and in one session of playing.
3. Building is not permitted within 500 meters from all Spawn Towns and Trader Camps / 250 meters from all Cement Mixers / 100 meters from all KOTH Hills.
4. Do not seal off high military loot areas.
5. Water bases are allowed. However, they are not permitted in the ocean.
6. Sky bases are prohibited.
7. All bases must be accessible from the ground.
8. All rooms inside bases are required to have at least one door or gate as an entrance.
9. Building components cannot be covered to the point where enemy players cannot place breaching charges on them.
10. Do not stack tents of the same size on top of each other.
11. Failure to follow these rules could have your territory removed from the database.


1. A raid is considered started as soon as the first breaching charge begins to be placed.
2. Base takeovers are not permitted. Steal the loot and leave.
3. Blank keys are not permitted to be paired with a vehicle during a raid unless the attackers ensure there is a clear path to take said vehichle. A newly claimed vehicle must be taken from the territory.
4. Logging out during a raid as an attacker is prohibited.
5. As a defender, you may build during a raid. Be sure to still follow all Base Building Rules.
6. Do not log out inside a raided enemy base.
7. If you unintentionally disconnect from the server during a raid, you are required to log back in immediately.


1. Alliances can be formed between groups to complete missions and base raids, but the total number of players may not exceed the party limit.
2. Truces / Treaties between groups are allowed no matter the number of players.
3. Groups may only operate out of their own base. Do not share your party's base codes with another group. Sharing information about non-allies is allowed.
4. Be careful who you trust...


1. Excessive base camping is not allowed.
2. Do not log out inside of an enemy territory under any circumstance. If you unintentionally disconnect from the server, you are required to log back in immediately.